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The eSubmission Tender System of Uttar Pradesh enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.
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Duties and Functionst
 The Duties and Functions of the committee of Management Shall be :
  1. To admit members .
  2. To raise funds as prescribed under these bye-laws.
  3. To appoint Joint Managing Director(s), Assistant Managing Director(s), Technical persons and other staff and fix their scale of pay and allowances and their conditions of service in accordance with the provisions of the act and service Regulation framed there under.
  4. To determine the rate of annual subscription to be paid by the member factories in accordance with the provision of Bye-law 10.
  5. To undertake investigation for promotion and organization of cooperative sugar factories in the Sate and to organize seminars and symposia for the benefit of members.
  6. To advise member cooperative sugar factories on:
    The selection of machinery on the basis of the recommendation of the U.P. State Advisory Committee constituted by the State Government;
    Selection of sites for establishment of sugar factories and;
    Appointment of supervisory and technical staff.
  7. To appoint sub-committees for specific purpose conductive to member' and Federation' interest with not more than seven members.
  8. To advise member factories on matters relating to insurance, finance and production.
  9. To run workshops, research laboratories etc., and to undertake other business related to sugar industry and to purchase necessary sites etc. for the same.
  10. To advise, guide and supervise the working of the member cooperative sugar factories.
  11. To arrange for publication of market intelligence and periodic bulletins, news letter etc. pertaining to the sugar industry of sugarcane problems.
  12. To call for the periodic returns, as may be prescribed, from member cooperative sugar factories.
  13. To represent the member cooperative sugar factories in Government or other bodies, committees, commissions of enquiry, when required through delegates of the Federation and for the purpose depute representatives to conferences and meetings convened by the Government or any associations connected with sugar industry.
  14. To sanction expenditure on establishment and other activities, capital and continent expenditures.
  15. To prepare the annual budget of income and expenditure for the consideration of the General Body.
  16. To convene meeting of the General Body.
  17. To appoint, transfer, suspend, remove, dismiss or otherwise punish employees of the Federation and to prescribe their terms and conditions of service in accordance with the regulations framed under section 121 and 122 of the Act, and to take similar action in respect of employees of member factories, if so assigned by Government.
  18. To sanction investment of funds of the Federation in accordance with the provisions of the Rules.
  19. To establish and administer the principal state partnership fund and to operate upon it and to utilize the said fund in accordance with the terms and condition as may be laid down by State Government in this behalf.
  20. Through any member of the committee of management, or officer, or employee of the Federation or any other person specially authorized, to institute, conduct, d