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General Body
The General Body of the Federation shall consist of the following delegates.
  1. Three members of the committee of management of the provisional committee for the time being of each member factory nominated by the respective committees provide that one nominee from each member factory shall be from amongst the weaker section. In case of former, nomination shall be made out of elected members. The term of delegates shall be three cooperative years including the year of their election.
  2. Eight nominees of the State Government including the Chairman.
  3. Each delegate nominated under clause [a] above will hold office for a period of 3 years unless he is earlier replaced by the committee of Management of the body he represents or he ceases to be a delegate in terms of any of the provision of Rule 87 or forfeits his right to hold that office by virtue of the provisions of the Buy-laws of the cooperative society which he represents or in which he is represented.
  4. Subject to the provisions of the Act and Rules the final authority shall vest in delegates of such members assembled in the general meeting.
  5. Voting right. Each delegate of the General Body shall have one vote to be exercised in person only, provided that the delegates or members nominated by the State Government in terms of By-law 13(b) shall not vote in the of election of an office bearer or of delegate of a Federation.
  1. The annual General meeting of the Federation shall be held once in every cooperative years, as soon as may be, after the annual returns have been submitted and accounts audited but not later than 31st December unless the Registrar allows, for reasons to be recorded, and extension in time beyond 31st December.
  2. It will be the duty of the Managing Director, and in the absence of the Managing Director, of the chairman of the committee of Management to call the annual general meeting.
  3. The meeting of general Body will be held at the Headquarters of the Federation.
An extraordinary general meeting of the general Body will be called, within one month of the receipt of a requision in writing from the Registrar or from atleast one fifth of the members of the general Body, by the committee of Management. The members requisitioning the extraordinary general meeting shall give a statement of the objects for which the meeting is being requisitioned by them.
A notice of fifteen days for the Annual or ordinary general meetings and thirty days for the Extra-ordinary general meetings or fro meeting for amendment of bye-laws shall be given to the members, with a copy to the Registrar, specifying the venue, date and timed sacted thereat. Non receipt of such a notice by any member shall however, not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
One third of the members constituting the general Body shall form the quorum. If within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, the quorum is not complete or for any other reason, the meeting shall be adjourned to sixteenth day (counted from the date of adjournment included) unless that is a holiday, at the time and place given in the agenda notice of the original meeting and shall take up only the agenda items fixed for the original meeting. Provided that if the meeting has been called on the requisition of the members and if the requisite quorum is not complete within an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting may be dissolved. For an adjourned meeting (not relating to rule 26 and 97) the quorum shall be one sixth of the members of the general Body.
The following among other subjects, shall be dealt with by annual general meetings :
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last general meeting;
  2. Approval of the programme of the activities of the Federation prepared by the committee of Management for the ensuing year;
  3. Consideration of the balance sheet and the annual report for the previous cooperative year unless the audit has not been completed within the period specified in the Rules;
  4. Consideration in the prescribed manner, of the audit certificate and the audit report for previous cooperative year unless the audit has been completed within the specified period;
  5. Fixation of the maximum liability for the ensuring year in accordance with the provisions of Rule 179;
  6. Consideration of the budget for the ensuing year;
  7. Election, if any, of the members of the committee of Management in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and of the Bye-laws(in Appendix "Election Regulations"); and
  8. Consideration on any other matter as may be brought before it by the committee of Management in accordance with the Bye-law
Where the annual general Meeting has, in any year, been held before the accounts have been audited, the consideration with the Bye-laws.
  1. In a meeting the subjects shall be taken up for consideration in the order as mentioned in the agenda unless the person presiding agrees to change the order with concurrence of the majority of the members present. Provided that the election of an office bearer or a delegate or cooption, shall be taken up in the last.
  2. All matters before a meeting shall be decided in the form of a resolution passed by a majority of votes of the members present unless a specific majority is required by any Rule or Bye-law and in case of equality of votes, the person presiding shall have a casting or second vote. When the members present in a meeting are divided on any resolution, any member may demand a Poll and in the event the person presiding over the meeting may put the resolution to vote.
    Voting may be by show of hands unless otherwise specified in the Bye-law, Act or Rules for a particular matter.
  3. If all the business in the agenda can not be transacted on the date on which the meeting is held, the meeting may be decided by the members present in the meeting or as may be decided by the Chairman.
  4. The minutes of the proceedings of all meetings shall be recorded in a book to be kept for the purpose and minutes shall be signed by the person presiding at the meeting as well as by the Managing Director of the Society.
  1. The Chairman of the Society or in his absence a member elected by the members at the meeting shall preside over the meeting. Provided that no person shall preside over the meeting when matters in which he has personal interest are to be discussed.
  2. The person presiding at the meeting shall conduct the proceedings in such a manner as may be conducive, expeditious and satisfactory disposal of business and shall decide all points of order at the meeting.